Injuries and accidents are a part of life. Every day we take chances and are left to be the products of our own environments, but we can’t always control the world around us. When accidents occur and our loved ones suffer injuries, there are questions to be answered. Unfortunately, the answers we seek aren’t always readily available. You have questions about health, rehabilitation, recovery, current research, financial factors, legal implications, and so much more.

Medical providers are often reluctant to give too much information based upon a legitimate concern of giving false hope. Providers are also pressed for time, making it logistically difficult for them to spend time with a new injured person and their families answering questions in detail. Moreover, there are many questions that doctors and their staff are unable to answer, including questions about pressing financial and legal issues. Support groups, government resources, and other sources of potential assistance are also difficult or impossible to easily identify. was created and sponsored by the Newsome Law Firm as a knowledge-base for a plethora of common injuries and the accidents that cause them, and to help put an answer to these questions. While the site is relatively new, we hope to eventually have answers and information about all of the most frequently asked questions and important issues facing victims and survivors. Our daily blog will have information about news and developments. We will have in-depth articles, links to resources, and commentary on developments in research and recovery. We are also building a video library that will have basic information that survivors need to know about. Our library will also have videos of a variety of injuries and accidents, as told by the victims and families of people who have survived them. They will talk about lessons they have learned and tell their personal stories about hope and coping. If requested, we will also try to provide additional help and information.

 Our goal in creating is for the website to be the most reliable, timely and complete resource on the internet for injuries and accidents. Our hope is that this site will become relied upon as a trustworthy resource for the community and for those who are searching for information.


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