In many cases, people fall victim to various injuries and they are faced with monumental challenges when it comes to funding care and rehabilitation. One potential source of securing needed funds is through a claim against the person or entity that might have caused or contributed to the injury. In such situations there is often insurance available to fund care, rehabilitation and lost wages. Some types of claims are obvious – such as when an injury happens in an automobile accident, there is a potential claim against the driver of the car that caused the crash. Other times potential claims are not as easy to ascertain – such as when a dangerous product fails and causes an injury, when an injury is caused by a dangerous drug, or when a property owner is negligent by failing to have adequate security.

Whenever the victim of an accident has a potential claim, it is imperative for the injured and the family to hire a qualified lawyer to help evaluate such claims. It is also vitally important that some things happen in a timely manner to protect the claim, such as filing the claim within the prescribed period of time and preserving any evidence that relates to the claim. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of a tragic accident, finding a good and trustworthy lawyer is often extremely difficult. Moreover, all too often an inexperienced personal injury lawyer takes on a case without the needed experience and jeopardizes the recovery for the injured person.

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